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    Had this in the wrong forum originally, my mistake.<br><br>Hey all,<br><br>New to this forum, have been watching the videos forever though!<br><br>I'm<br> currently trying to build some funky slingbow, and it's working out <br>VERY well so far! It's not complete at all, needs the handle finished, a<br> whisker biscuit, and an arm brace still. I also have to rethink my band<br> attachment as it popped off last time I was shooting!<br><br>However, here is all it is so far:<br><br> - Two wooden hangers, glued and screwed together (will brace them together).<br> - Two CLOTHESLINE pulleys (removed plasic hanger part and screwed it down loosely)<br> - Metal tabs with two concrete anchors to hole the ends (thinking about clamping these instead)<br> - TheraBand Black tubes<br> - Bowstrings center with loop for release<br><br><br>So<br> far I managed to pull off a couple of shots, even without being <br>complete. They were all 140+ FPS shots, <br>aiming for around 170 once complete.<br><br>Anywho, it's not much of a looker and not done, but it's fun!<br><br><img src="" border="0" alt=""><br><br>-Mike
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    that's actually quite cool, a budget bow <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">