My first handmade slingshot! (I demand evil critics)

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  1. JuDas87

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    Hi everyone! I'm quite new to this topic, I've never used a slingshot or worked with wood until a couple weeks ago, but I'm following Joerg and other similar channels from years now, and I always wanted to try.
    So here i am with my first handmade slingshot, I've used an old branch of beech (found in my attic, my parents used this wood in our fireplace when I was a kid), then I've bought the most cheap rasps, handsaw and knifes I could find, and start to carve that branch absolutly without power tools (and I've soon discovered why it's called "hard wood").
    I've made a lot of stupid stuff, break the limbs apart (then repaired with glue and screws) and cut deep in my finger are two good examples, but I'm quite happy with the final result.
    My goal was to make a side shooter with some sort of satanic style, but also be really confortable, so I've modelled it around my fingers and made the grip extremly ergonomic for my hand.
    I've used thera band gold with steel ammo and, even if I don't have a proper tecnique, I've achieved good target results from 10 meters of distance, also I've reached surprising good result even with wood arrows with feather vanes.
    For polishing, after a long session of sanding till 3000 grit, I've applied italian olive oil and vinegard.
    The only disappointing thing was the glossy varnish, nothing happened...
    By the way, any suggestion or critic are welcome!



    My fingers are totally nested in the wood.

    The beech, the only tools I've used, my finger, the limbs split apart, and finally the slingshot repaired and with the main shapes blocked out.
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  2. Knallfrosch

    Knallfrosch Senior Member

    Sorry, no evil critics from me.:)

    Very nice shape and i really like the layerd fingermoulds.
    And i guess the blood had to be spilled for the satanic slingshot:D

    Great start. Looking forward to see more of your work.

  3. Chris_Egan

    Chris_Egan New Member

    Wow, how does that feel in your hand, the shape is really nice to look at!
  4. Redloesebob

    Redloesebob Slingshot Veteran

    Cool design,grain and pattern, the only critics i can come up with is that theres no bands attached...yet :rolleyes:
  5. Bone

    Bone Slingshot Shooters

    Looking really cool and comfy. I know you spent some time on it. Great job!
  6. JuDas87

    JuDas87 New Member

    Thanks everyone for your comments! as soon as I can i'll put more photos with bands and a test video.
  7. NamenloserHeld91

    NamenloserHeld91 Senior Member

    weird slingshot! I like weird :)
  8. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    That's even crazier than my, 'Confusion' from a while back. I like how the carving defies the grain yet fits into the overall aesthetic. Well done!

    -Wild Bill
  9. Wuhoo it looks like satan himself did the designing!! No evil critics needed... this slingshot is evil and beautiful
  10. richard smith

    richard smith New Member

    the only problem i can see are those fins of thin wood that could break off but otherwise i bet it works fine
  11. Flipgun

    Flipgun Well-Known Member

    Not yet a true Necro thread. So, I gotta say that you did a lot of work. The break on the plane of the grain would have put it in the fire for me. So, Good Save! But I would never trust it. Band light and shoot small. Your enthusiasm for the build is reflected in the flamboyance of the carvings. Good, but better as you progress into subtlety. I look forward to your increasing combination of enthusiasm and growing skill. By the way..... MUA!HAHAHA...ark!cough!cough! (strangled) I think I swallowed a Bug!:eek:
  12. Vadim

    Vadim Member

    I can't believe that this is the first your slingshot. Made so nicely!
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