My first Compressed Air Arrow shooter.

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    I was VERY inspired by Joerg's Coke bottle arrow shooter/bull-pup rifle project. So I have embarked on a mission to recreate it and make my own version!! I have been doing wood working for a long time, so the weapon frame won't be an issue for me.. I actually look forward to that part of the build after the struggle of building this part, haha. But I have been struggling with the essential core system. I used a 3/8" ball valve(was all that my local home depot had), some 3/8" fittings, and a metal tube I found that fits my arrows fairly well. I used plumbers tape to seal the threads, and gel based super glue for any leaks I have came across. I sealed the PVC air tank with red hot blue PVC glue, I used a 6" piece of 1/2" PVC with two caps for the tank(I plan on upgrading to a metal air tube soon like Jorg uses, I just wanted my first build to be a little more simple).

    I clipped the air valve off an old tire to fill the tank, I drilled a hole in the PVC cap, then glued it into one end, then put the firing assembly part into the other cap. I have been struggling to get the tank airtight, every time I feel like it's a good fit, I find a new leak, lol. Right now I got more glue drying on the last spot that was leaking on the air tank, when I get it to hold pressure I will post a picture of it shooting!

    Point of this post is I just wanted to post my story, hear what you guys think, and say HELLO to the Slingshot Forum community! :) I want to know if you guys have any opinions on my build, pics posted below. If you have built one, post up pics! I wanna see what you guys have came up with! :)

    P.S. Joerg, if you see this, you are my hero. :)

    Photo Dec 02, 1 27 07 PM.jpg Photo Dec 02, 3 53 07 PM.jpg Photo Dec 03, 1 17 32 PM.jpg
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope we can see some demonstration of the firepower of your contraption :D;)

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    Looks like it would work ok, but i’d Be careful with air pressure while using the pvc, that stuff sometimes splits kinda for not much of a reason with only 30. Psi of water in it, looks like a neat setup tho, keep us up to date
  4. Looks good! Make sure to make a qev (quick exit valve) or it will leak and will be gutless