my dad used rubber as a child in the old country

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    Its a honor sir ,my dad told me as a child (i was 5 years old ) how they made tube guns as a kid take a 2 x 4 ahy length i suggest 12 in. to start another short peice for the handle nail ,glue, or use old twine,rope to attsch handle .you have a " L " shape attach a close pin to the handle cut ant tier inter tube,cars or best a old truck inner-tude in strips but keep it in the "O " ring now tie a knot about 3/4 of the way at one end of tube place over end of 2 x 4 or barrel now pull stretch inner tube open close pin you may have to add rubber bands around close pin to keep it closed tight enough to hold inner tube its loaded <br><br>hope you understand the concept...nothing on your level..but give me some time lol would you happen to play chess ? <br><br><br> cb490s
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    I made one of these when i was 10 its a classic lol. I made one that shot my own arrows.