multiple BB's in a single shot?

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  1. buckshot500

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    When I was a kid, I used to shoot my wrist rocket with a load of 6 or 8 .177 caliber copper coated BB's.

    Everyone used to warn me I'd end up with several BB's stuck in my hand and have to visit with a surgeon to have them removed.

    I probably made 100+ shots like that and never had a problem. I know it's not a good idea, but will probably try it again to see if it still works for me.

    BTW I got my nickname from a friend later in life, due to the way I go about building something all at once instead of planning it out in steps and working through it in an orderly fashion.

    I have also bolstered that nickname with some products made by Mossberg and sons.:D
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    I use an e-cig that has replaceable coils. Those come in a silicone cup that is aprox 3/8" wide and about an inch long.

    I took one, punched a small hole dead center in the end, put a large headed round screw in that end, put the screw through the center hole of my pouch, and attached it with a washer and nut.

    It will hold about 12 bb's and it is flexible enough, that when you grip the pouch to pull back it squeezes it closed. But when you release the pouch, I got a nice grapefruit sized pattern at about 6m.

    Waiting for warmer weather to see if it will work to thin down the local sparrow population.

    I think someone sells something similar that has steel inserts for rigidity.

  3. buckshot500

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    I remember my suede pouch was stretched in the center like cup shaped. It had no holes.

    I think it got stretched while shooting wet nodular pig iron pellets which are like porous marbles. They were a little light and shooting them wet made them slightly heavier.
    The leather took on a natural cup shape after a while. It wasn't a drastically deep cup, just slightly stretched.

    I remember trying 10 once and only 8 hit the target so i figured 8 was the maximum limit as to what would stay with the group leaving the pouch. I noticed 2 had fallen at my feet, just as I released the shot.

    I figured I was pushing my luck and think I went to 7 BB's as my limit.
  4. Withak

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    Joerg did a video on the 'shotgun' slingshot idea a while back. It was interesting to see him approach this very subject. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it does look like fun.

  5. studer1972

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    0 has a shot pouch, if you don't want to try Joerg's idea. other folks have mentioned bundling BBs in tissue paper, but I don't see how they'd spread before impact that way. I think Joerg's idea wioth the kydex would be cheapest, but I don't know where to get kydex sheets.
  6. buckshot500

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    I really like Joerg's kydex pouch, especially the loading gate on the top of the pouch. The glove is a good idea and with age comes wisdom, so i'll be wearing a glove as well.

    I will check out the pouch at to see what idea they have.

    The tissue idea sounds like it would also work well. The tissue would peel away once it got past the fork, I'm sure. Like a gun patch or shotgun wad it would only travel a few feet downrange.