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    So, here it is. It's my first time ever making a Moorhammer but it turned out well. Great improvement from my first slingshot(a poorly made and uncomfortable Rambone).
    This is my second slingshot in order(I haven't been much into conventional slingshots, but it will probably change now).
    This Moorhammer was built using high quality plywood, but not Multiplex as it's way too expensive and hard to find at where I live. I had literally no idea how the Moorhammer was supposed to look, because I had nothing more than a 2D picture of the actual frame. After some research I then saw that the handle looked much like the one used on the Rambone. Therefore I simply printed out the Rambone handle template and used it on this design.
    The biggest difference between this Moorhammer compared to my Rambone is that when I made the Moorhammer I held the slingshot in my hand and shaped it to become very ergonomic. That left me with an extremely comfortable handle that fits my hand like a glove.
    You might recognise that this slingshot doesn't have as big curves as the original Moorhammer and/or Rambone. That was due to a mistake made by me where I forgot to measure the thickness of the slingshot. It means that my slingshot is about 6 mm thinner than the Rambone, but to me it actually feels better in my hand.
    I banded up the slingshot with 25mm TGB, tapered down to about 20mm. I used 2 layers of TBG per side. With the very comfortable grip - and the very low forks - the only limit for increasing power is how much weight I will be able to pull.
    This Moorhammer shoots 18mm marbles and 10-18mm steel balls.

    These are all the tools that I used for this build:
    -Sanding sponges
    -Scissor (for cutting out the template and the leather pouch)
    -Hole puncher (for the leather pouch)
    -Rotary cutter (for cutting the TBG, of course)

    Rounded and filed the slingshot to shape. I then used sanding sponges ranging from 80 to 240 grit. Moved on to using a 240 grit sandpaper and finished it off with some 600 grit sandpaper.
    As a finish I used regular lindseed oil, which really shows the grain and the several layers of veneer wood inside the plywood. It made a really nice effect on the slingshot.
    Here are some pics from the build:

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954051.880238.jpg
    Laminating the plywood layera

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954109.186172.jpg
    Roughly shaped

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954139.050395.jpg
    Nice and rounded

    And here are the pictures of the finished slingshot:

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954243.043973.jpg
    Front view

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954311.137120.jpg
    Back view

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954329.439049.jpg
    From the side

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954406.997801.jpg
    Profile view

    ImageUploadedBySlingshot Forum1428954470.288619.jpg
    Her we have her banded up

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    Nice looking moorhammer!
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    By the way, I used reindeer's fur as a background. I like the last picture with the banded Moorhammer very much so I set it as my profile pic. I'm getting closer and closer to a full profile. Now all I need is a totally random quote to put under my posts. :)
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    Looking good, Jon.
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    Thanks everyone
  9. Very god job my frend, yes yes. :D I tink maybee next time, my frend U should paint the weapon in some colors? :cool: very nice, yes.
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    My favorite frame, done well.

    Does anyone know if old Ikea furniture wood is high enough quality to use for slingshots?
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    They have got all kinds of wood. Vice test it and you are good to go I'd say. Hardwood only of cause!
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    I would assume that it is. It depends on the thickness of the wood, and if you payed attention to the grain of the wood it might work. Give it a try and post the results! I'd love to see what you come up with.