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Hello again.

What if I could make my sling bow able to shoot steelballs and arrows with overdraw to exeed the draw length. I worked on some iron and a pvc tube and came up with this take down model. For this test I did use tapped TBG. The draw weight is 30 lbs. The dual string is added with a pouch where a little magnet is attached. Everything should be fine. But in the real world I'm still not satisfied with it's performance. When shooting steelballs I have to many misfires. Shooting arrows is all right, however I don't like loading a bow with an arrow through a tube, because it's slow and unhandy. So this bow will never be finished and painted.
If you have any ideas don't hesitate to give a comment.....
In fact I have another idea with this bow I need to try. Never give up.............


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