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    As y'all know, I'm moving, and in any move the first things to get packed are the stuff that you haven't even looked at for years.

    Well, I ran across what is the oldest surviving woodworking project I ever made. It was 1976, and I was in Cub Scouts. My pack had a 'racer derby' contest, and each of us cubs were to make a small race car that could speed down a fabricated track designed with several lanes. The winner was based on performance and design.

    To enter, we were each given four plastic wheels, four nails to act as axles, and a block of spruce wood. The idea of the whole thing was that it would be a, 'father and son' sort of thing, but my father was not involved in this project- I built it completely on my own at the ripe age of 8 years old. As I looked at this old car, I remembered deep back in the cobwebs of my memory actually making it- carving the cab, tapers and boat-tail rear end with my Swiss army knife; sanding it down to a clean finish, painting it white and then brushing onto it my desired theme- the 'Spirit of '76'.

    My car did not win. Other kids had their dads far more involved and with their help made fancy dragsters and such. So no, this little car pictured below didn't win an award, but I remember it quite vividly- for it was the genesis of what has become nearly 40 years of love with woodwork- which is probably more than can be said to whoever it was that took that ribbon on race day.

    -Wild Bill

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    Fun. I made one of those cars in cub scouts myself. I won one race and lost the others. It was a fun project, though mine was not nearly as creative as yours.