Melting Point of new Non lead Fishing Sinkers ?....

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone know what they are made of, re: the topic, and the melting point ?......

    Along with if not too high a temperature, can they be mixed with melting lead, given they are very heavy for their size.

    But the sort of conical shape with edges, they never fly anything like accurate from my slingshot, no matter the hold I use, and go anywhere but where aimed.
    Given i am about to make my own ammo cylindrical, from drilled holes a specific depth, and size, for approx 15, 20 and 25 gram shot.

    Yes a bit of overkill, but a dead animal from one not quite perfect shot a couple of inches off point of aim: is alot better than a badly wounded one; or to me at least.

    Cheers Aussie Allan In Thailand
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    Most non-lead sinkers are made of tungsten. Very hard and dense. But it also doesn't melt until about 6000 degrees F, so it very likely would not work for molding into ammo.