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I have been experimenting with graphite and PTF wax and powder on the slingshot rifle pouches. It helps improve accuracy dramatically.

I found a method of measuring the friction coefficient of my pouches.


The first pouch Top: is Canvas/microfibre laminated without any wax or powder. Pulling the stack off batteries produced a result of:

0.16lbs (72.57grams)

The second pouch is 420D Cordura Denim ripstop fabric/microfibre

The result was

0.12lbs (54.53grams)

The bottom pouch is canvas/microfibre that has been treated with PTFE wax and additional PTFE / graphite powder rubbed in with some leather.

The result was

0.06lbs. (27.21grams)

Amazing nearly 300% more efficient than the untreated canvas and 200% better than 420D Cordura Denim ripstop.

The stack of batteries weights 0.5lb's (226.8 grams).

Here is the video discussing the formula to Calculated the static friction coefficient of a object.

These pouches are for use with this style of mechanical release: The pouch die used is a s165 from


Salutations Konrad.
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