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  1. McMilchreis

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    Hiho,<br>I am Sven from Germany and i like slingshots for more than 20 years. I am 26 now and started making own Slingshots out of fence wire. Maybe i will make a "how to" with it. Its easy and made in 10 minutes. <br>Now i like to collect slingshots and shoot them in the garden. I´m not that good in target shooting but its not that bad.<br>I hope i will have a lot of fun here on the forum. Keep it growing<br>Sven
  2. Ryan Wigglesworth

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    Welcome to the fan forum!<br>What kinds of distance can you hit a target from? I'm just curious what you consider to be "not thats good" , it's probly much better than me lol. I can hit a small can from 30 feet normally...