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Making Armor Piercing Slingshotammo

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I made two of the PSA (Penetration Slingshot Ammo) that Romanian Scout Team uploaded on YouTube about two months ago. I have "drop-tested" them and throwed them. It seems to work <img src="" alt="Smile" longdesc="2"><br><br><img src="" border="0" alt=""><br><br>Made from arrowtips, string, electrical tape and a rubberband. The one to the right is a bit more pointy so it penetrates easier, while the one to the left is a little heavier = more momentum. I will hopefully be able to test them tomorrow. Cant wait! <img src="" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><br><br>Also, I got a YouTube Channel now, AlfredB666. You can expect some slingshot video soon!<br><br>//Alfred aka Failure
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Did you ever get around to make a video for this, Joerg?
I wonder what the new bola launcher would do with one of these on one end, and a steel cube on the other end of the cord.
I'm making some right now with 100 grain practice points.
Great video!! I never fail to laugh when I watch these, and I also never fail to learn something! Laughing and learning is a good combination. Like bread and butter.
That ammo was awesome! I could not believe how long it stayed straight in flight, nor how hard it hit!
Great job, looking forward to the next video!
Thanks! :D

The smaller the nail, the better the sticking-power but the more wobbly the flight. Big "fletching" is a must!
That was great as aways, FIAAO! You are clever for humor...... And for slingshots!
i love the "no vise for sawing nail" trick. good to see the video again.
Very fine tutorial, I also like the shirt the band which it displays ;)
FIAAO, I have a distant cousin in Denmark called Jonas....hiis or was in a band called "striving vines" that possible that you know something about?
41 - 49 of 49 Posts
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