Lucky Yew...

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  1. Cubanizm

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    I have always been a little crazy about yew.

    I learned a long time ago that yew was one of the top two types of lumber sought after by bow makers...And have always wanted a yew bow... I have recently added a yew SS to that list...

    Yew, Taxus baccata,is a conifer who's timber is "heavy but very elastic and was traditionally used for longbows and spears. The world’s oldest wooden artifact was a yew spear found in Essex, and estimated to be 200,000 years old. The wood is so hard that a yew fence post is said to outlive one made of iron"...

    Despite its popularity in gardens, I have never found any native varieties in the wild, and have never until very recently had an opportunity to bring some home.

    Last month I finally came across two small forks... BUT, I promised one to a friend...and the other fork was not salvageable.

    So, I kept my word (One should always "do what they say & say what they mean.") and handed over my very beautiful -just finished slingy to my friend and thought... it may be years before I get another ss worthy yew fork..

    Two days ago my luck changed for the better, my elderly neighbors needed help with the maintenance of their landscaping...I offered to do it for them...

    It turns out that they and had a LOT of unwanted yew...

    Veni vidi vici... I came back home with 5 forks and enough lumber for palm swells, grips, etc for a long long time...

    Lucky Yew, I mean, lucky me!

    I am now looking forward to my future builds...

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  2. dolomite

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    hells yeah bro! kindness begat kindness, this is a good example of good being rewarded. theonewhoshallnotbenamed could learn from yew;).

  3. Ghosth

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    I firmly believe that we harvest what we plant. Send good stuff out and you'll get good stuff back.

    You helping out neighbors was what started that chain. Good for you!
  4. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    good find! yew is an amazing wood!
  5. Cubanizm

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    This is true, I am a believer in that the universe rewards good with good...
  6. Jeremy

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    You reap what you sew. Good job keeping your word to your friend and helping a neighbor. Five natural yew forks is a fantastic reward.
  7. Withak

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    Nice score! It's great when a good deed pays back. I try to make it a point not to expect something in return, just gladly receive it if it comes my way. Can't wait to see what you make with them. BTW, a guy at our local county fair was displaying traditional long bows he makes for sale. He had a yew bow. It was way out of my price range though.
  8. Flipgun

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    ...Bread on the waters... Good Karma... Them what gives, gets... etc The Universe provides. ;)
    Good for you!