Looking for some kind of crafting hobby to get into...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Acorn_Man, Apr 20, 2019.

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    It’s been forever since I posted to this site. Basically I went off to college and lost the ability to make slingshots/anything because I’m living in a dorm. This weekend it’s kind of gotten to me—I’m really feeling the need to make something. Slingshots, knives, and my other go-tos are kind of out because they’re loud and messy to make. So I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for things I could make that are decently quiet and clean. Power tools are all pretty much out, and I’d like to keep sanding/sawing to a minimum. I also wouldn’t have access to a vice because I have no way to mount it.

    I was thinking about leather crafting, but it seems pretty expensive. Does anyone have any ideas for something I could do? I really appreciate any input!
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    I know this post is old, but here ya go.

    During the wintertime I take up Crochet. No joke. Hooks are cheap, and yarn is too. You definitely get a sense of having made something. Especially when that something keeps your head or hands warm during the winter. :)

    Another thing is you don't even have to buy yarn. Make something called PLARN from plastic bags and make coasters and coffee cup sleeves.