long periods of stretched rubber

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  1. thomasmaca45

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    I have made a slingshot crossbow and i was wondering if it was alright to keep the rubber stretched all the time, the rubber band is about 20 cm long and is stretched to only about 23cm. The rubber is Thera tube silver.
    Sorry if this doesnt make much sence.
    but anyone who can help please do.
  2. Brazilviking

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    It is not good to keep rubber stretched. It can lead to early rupture of it.

  3. pelleteer

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    You don't want to keep rubber stretched out really far for any length of time, like in the cocked position on a slingshot crossbow, but I don't know whether just leaving the rubber mounted on the crossbow in the uncocked position (I think this is what you're asking) would make that big a difference. 3cm of stretch isn't putting a whole lot of stress on the bands. I wouldn't worry too much over it, personally.