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    Reddit is a huge bulletin board style website, immensely popular. It is also called the "frontpage of the internet".<br><br>The members ("le reddit army") create posts about interesting things they find on the web, and other members can up- and downvote the post. If a post makes the front page, it is very popular - and will be even more popular soon, thanks to the "army".<br><br>Some of my videos have been featured on reddit, and the last one (condom gun) even made the top of the front page. Yay!<br><br>Reddit also has a way to interview people online. They call it "IAMA". One of their users posted a request for me to be interviewed:<br><br>Of course I will gladly be available for questions.<br><br>So on Wednesday, April 10th, I will be answering questions live from 8 PM GMT+1 (EST+6). So that would be 2 PM NYC time.<br><br>Looking forward to that!<br><br><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Here is the link to the IaMa</a>
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    Hi Joerg,<br>I just tried to read the posts from the link you gave... It is probably interesting but i could not read more then five or six coments. Their layout just makes me crazy, it is like my eyes are gonna explode <img src="" alt="Shocked" longdesc="5">. White background with a little bit of all colors on it!?!?<br>Anyway, it is not a secret that you are very popular and i am glad to know your popularity is still growing. <img src="" alt="Wink" longdesc="15">

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    Joerg ,I have been trying to figure a way to contact you privately unsuccessfully.I have sent you a PM here. .......Thanks.Pat(Jaybird's friend)