legality of slingshots in Georgia

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    I was wondering if it is legal to own a slingshot in Georgia and if so,are there any of power limits or limits on the ammunition you use?
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    Are you talking the State of Georgia (USA), or the Republic of Georgia (former Soviet Union)? Since this is an international forum, it's good to be sure you clarify that. Either way, an online search for "slingshot laws Georgia" is a good place to start (add "State of" if you're in the US). If that doesn't do it, check "firearms laws Georgia" as I find, at least in Oregon, that the same statutes that apply to guns are often applied to other types of weapons. You'll probably have to do a little bit of reading but it's good to be aware of the laws where you live. Here in Oregon, for example, slingshots are legal, with no restrictions I've been able to find. There are, however restrictions on using them in certain cities, parts of cities, city parks, state parks, beaches and across public highways. In many places, it is also illegal to hunt with slingshots, though you can sometimes use them to dispatch vermin/pests without any concern.

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    State of Georgia USA:

    Do a search for slingshots within the link above.

    The restrictions only seem to be in what many of us would simply call State Parks. I suspect this is simply to limit damage to any of the historic properties or prevent anyone from harming the animals in State Parks.

    It allows you to carry these items "unloaded and stowed." Yet, unloaded is defined as a reasonable distance away from any projectile that can be fired by the weapon. If you really think about it closely, carrying your slingshot in your pocket "properly stowed" would be illegal anywhere in a State Park since any pebble or small piece of anything could be fired...the beauty of the slingshot - any projectile can be used.

    As with most laws of this nature, I suspect it is simply set up to allow police the leverage needed when someone is misusing a weapon.