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Leathalized Paper Plane Sling-Bow! - Very Powerfull!!!

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A Corssbow To Shoot Lethal Paper Planes - Very Powerfull!!!

Hi guys!
so a while ago i put up a list of things that i could make and wanted to see wich one was the most requested. well the joerg sprave Leathalized Paper Plane Sling-Bow won with 34 requests!
please enjoy and post any questions that you have!
also thanks to joerg sprave for giving me the idear to do this!
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nice job! I'd like to see a vid of an elevated trajectory long distance shot, not for accuracy but range. Looks quite lethal!
i will in anouther video if i get the chance to go anywhere bigger than my garden but at the moment 15 meters is the longest shot that i can do :D
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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