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Learn about air panel filters

The outer frame of the plate-and-frame air filter is composed of high-quality stainless steel plates, which are used to fix the folded filter material. The diagonal design on the outer frame can provide a large filtration area and make the inner filter material tightly adhere to the outer frame. The surroundings of the filter are bonded to the outer frame with special professional adhesive glue, which can prevent air leakage or damage caused by wind resistance pressure.

This type of filter element has a solid structure, stable filtering effect, and long service life; it is generally used in the coarse, medium and high-efficiency filter systems of air conditioners, which can prolong the service life of bag filters and HFPA filters, and can also be used for coarse Filter.

Our company has rich technical experience and produces high-quality air filters, which can meet your production and use needs.
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