latest appeal to "not demonetized" your video

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by jossnaz, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. jossnaz

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    you asked in yer latest video that it not be demonetized

    just to make sure you are not missing out: pewdiepie once made a video about demonetization. And if I remember correctly you can check your videos in the browser, open up the developer tools and figure out what are the reasons the videos are listed as demonetized or not. Actually, it makes it possible to see what categories youtube puts you in. If I remember correctly, it is not people who demonetize it, it is pure algorithm. I guess you read up about it yourself etc but you appealing to your audience made me write this post, because there seems to be a chance, that you actually didnt

    and maybe I'm wrong, and you actually know more than me from a single youtube video. In that case i'd actually be interested to know.

  2. JoergS

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    YouTube reacted swiftly and removed those "excluded_ads" keywords from the meta data. No doubts they still categorize the videos - but they no longer make it possible to find out. It was probably an oversight in the first place.

  3. ErronStein

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    Well, YouTube's algorithm is messed up anyway.