Lars Anderson... Fast Arrows!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ryan Wigglesworth, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Ryan Wigglesworth

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    what you all think of this??!
  2. Tremoside

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    It's an interesting thing for me Ryan :)

    I was an archer years ago. It's an exciting sport and rising in popularity in my country also. Again. Culturally it's funny. My country's name: Hungary in English or Ungarn in German comes from a the name ono-gur. Literally "tribe of ten arrows".

    The man on the top left side at the first video is a Hungarian guy. Kassai Lajos. He is fast but his main profile is horseback archery.


    I have a fellow designer friend (he is working for a USA firearm related company and he is a hobbyist horseback archer), he is really impressed by the qualities of Kassai, I never seen him in action. However I was at an archery field on Friday and seen some nice bows made by Kassai.

    Here is an example. [​IMG]

    Looks Lars Andersen is very fast. Impressive, however draw length and draw weight seems pretty low. Usually a Kassai arrow has 40lbs DW.

    Hard to judge :)

    Slingshots and speed....


    Double tap :)

  3. Jeremy

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    Very impressive shooting. That video led me on the path to my interest in archery which led me to slingshots.
  4. BeMahoney

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    Crazy Guy!

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    Guess he´s not allowed to be THAT awesome..

    Annoying masters, those...

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