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    well the other day I didn't have much going on (work wise). So I thought I'd try my had at making some high carbon steel from iron ore. I must admit I did end up mixing some scrap low carbon steel to make a bigger blade. It took about 3weeks of hammering. And shaping the blade I did in only a day. It is clay edge hardened/tempered. I left the hammer marks on it and just did a quick polish to clean it up (I like the rough look). It tested very good, easily cuts 4in framing nails, can cut through manufactured machetes. Blade has a good amount of weight to it, is tapered 2feet, 1/4in thick at the base, broad blade iris imperial form. And also I got a bucket of railroad spikes, so I hammered an edge on one.
    blades 001.jpg

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    Can you show pictures or video of the cuts?
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    Awesome machete, I really like the small one! it looks really mean :eek: