Just have to say thank you!

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  1. I just want to say thank you to the Boss Man (and yes I can spell your name I just like the nickname lol) and all the members of the forum, I get off on tangents and post a LOT of stuff about blowguns and other off topic things quite often but never have I been told I am in the wrong forum... You guys are the best and I would never be making such powerful (even though I really only go with Joerg's W design (limited tools and it's EPIC) ) shooters. I hope one day to be able to make things as beautiful as the rest of you. Thanks for listening to my off tops rants and teaching me so much (ALL of you) about slingshots and rubber powered weapons. Which reminds me, I made a set of bands for the speargun I got not too long ago I should probably post pics :)
  2. Withak

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    Nice post. I feel the same way about this place. I've been on a number of forums over the years, but this one is unlike anything I've experienced on any other forum. There is a sense of friendship and community here that is quite unique. Amazing that is found in this place, gathered together for slingshots, and much more.

  3. Exactly! I joined here for slingshots but truly STAYED for the year (give or take) I have because of the community.
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    on my mind..


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    I have to Agree with you Mike. I have only been on here for about a week, and can recognize that this community is different from most other E-communities.

    I also have an interest in other things like blowguns and knifemaking, so it's good to hear these things are tolerated.

    I'm likely to randomly go off topic myself, and quite often.
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    This is a great forum and I also feel like I have made some fantastic friends on here. I also go off on tangents (hijacking threads is a fun activity). I am thankful to the members of the forum and the friendship they have extended to me thus far.
  7. "Tollerated"? Nay my friend they are welcomed! That is why we have the other forum sections for stuff like that here :)
  8. Will

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    Hey Mike! We like tangents around here! And I've never seen a thread here that hasn't strayed off-topic!
    Its one of the things that make this place amazing
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    Always! I don't think about the members here as random internet people, I think of them as friends and teachers! I think it is because WE are honest and welcoming. And not a giant forum. I can name at least 20 members here!And recognise everyone. I just feel at home here.
  10. AngelicScars

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    I've been on many forums, and this one has been the most welcoming with so much help and advice for a newb like me. I love it here!