Just checked in:D. Greetz from Serbia!

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    Helo ppl!<br>I am Nikola Jankovic, and I am from from Valjevo, Serbia. You've probably heard about my country, but, don't beleive all you heard. We are good folks with few dozen of d*ckheads leading our state.<br>I'm 25 years old and working in local music school as accordion and bayan teacher.<br><br>I'm Stucked on your yt channel since first video 2 years ago, and every day i'm checking is there some new video <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1">. Now, that is addiction, i think. Maybe someday psychologists will have to deal with weaning of your videos <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_smile.gif" alt="Smile" longdesc="2">.<br>In my arsenal there is currently two and a half slingshots: cheap chinese - with weak red tubular bands, my handmade natural fork with surgical tubing, and frameles (fist-launcher) one-strip-butterfly style theraband blue. Also working on crossbow project, and drawing some knife designs (will try to make copy of syrvival kit - great outdoor tool!!).<br><br>That's it for now, hope this forum will have looong life and at least million subscribers.<br>Cheerz!
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    Jörg should put a warning on his video : WARNING, may cause a compulsive desire to make and own slingshots and slingshot related items <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt="Razz" longdesc="9"><br><br>welcome to the fan club <img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_biggrin.png" alt="Very Happy" longdesc="1"><img src="http://illiweb.com/fa/i/smiles/icon_cheers.png" alt="cheers" longdesc="28">