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    I just want to thank you Joerg for all your work and time you`ve put into the vids and this forum. I figured it was about time to try a forum chat thing . Ive enjoyed many of your vids and the grandkids think their great ! You have some nice projects and ideas on how to turn a forked stick into some real fun ,for all ages Their not just toys thoo they will feed you if things get lean, no food Just an idea, maybe passing that info along to people in a manner ( ? ) as not to offend anyone Many people have no thinking process and just copy what they see and hear. Yes im into survival BUT not like many ,,i grew up in the sticks and what was just daily routine has now turned into the word "Survival" .. so i guess i have to refere to the survival word even thoo i dont like that word UGHH Too many think survival is "Get a gun" heck all ya need is a stick and a rock OH and a slingshot for sure lol