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Just a short note to say hello

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Hello everyone<br><br>I'm a newbie to the slingshot hobby from British Columbia, Canada. I've been watching the Jörg build his crazy contraptions and showing them off on youtube for some time now, although I've only recently become a subscriber. <br><br>I'm a fan of ultralight hiking and wilderness survival. When I saw the video for the Featherlight Folding Survival Slingshot Crossbow I guess it lit a spark in my mind. I began trying to thinking up ideas for how to increase the draw length, or adapt the weapon to non standard ammunition (pebbles), or to decrease the size and weight to make it more pack-able. Eventually it dawned on me that the simplest solution to all of these would be to become proficient with a standard slingshot, and as such that has been my goal.<br><br>I'm also very intrigued with the DIY aspect to this hobby. To that end I do have some questions regarding materials and whatnot but I'll save that for another posting in the appropriate sub forum.
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Hello and welcome.
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