Jörgs new catch Box

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  1. jakobkurt32

    jakobkurt32 Member

    Hey Jörg Or anyone Else that might know the answer to this question.

    I was just wanting to know where you got that thick rubber mat for your catch box? Can you get it from a hardware store? Or did you buy it on the Internet?
    Sorry if this answer is already somewhere on this forum... If there is I couldn't find it. :D
  2. Brazilviking

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    I don't know....but looking a t the picture, I should say that it's about 2 cm thick. and its a rubber with little bouncing properties.....

  3. tokSick

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    Hi jakobkurt32,
    Watch THIS. Any sort of mat should work if you cut it in stripes like i did. If the mat is thicker than 5 mm you probably don' t have to cross them, just keep a gap smaller than you ammo between the stripes and it should be ok.
    In Joerg' s case, that thickness is needed as he shoot with all his different weapons and mostly with a lot of power.
    HERE is the Wiki. A search on G will help you to find some. From what i saw on the web it is pretty expensive :eek:
  4. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    The first thing that came to mind when I read your question was door mats. I don't know what you have in your area for home improvement or contractor supply stores, but around here, we often see black rubber mats used at entryways, especially at businesses. I did a quick check through Home Depot here in the states (I think you're outside the US?) and found this as an example:


    I would think any kind of material that could be used as a weather-resistant door mat would be plenty tough to act as a backstop. I'm sure a little more searching through contractor supply stores, safety supply stores and home improvement may just turn up the kind of material you're looking for at a reasonable price.

    Just something to consider.
  5. rock slinger

    rock slinger I rarely shoot rocks!

    I use the same concept on my box but with tee shirts. I use two shirts cut in strips in the front and then a tee shirt cut with strips on one side beside the two others. It work good, but it is not perfect. So to catch the 10% that bounce out I use a tarp in front of the box. So that is how to catch all of your balls
  6. dolomite

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    toksick, your portable catchbox is awesome. nothing like making something nice and useful out of rubbish.;)
  7. JoergS

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    I am using black 1cm rubber mats I found on ebay Germany. Massive stuff that even works with the 1" steel balls.
  8. jakobkurt32

    jakobkurt32 Member

    Thanks guys! Toksick your catch box looks great!
    I ordered some of th thick rubber matting on eBay as well! I got also 10mm but with "gewebe" (gauze? Matterial layers) found it quite cheap aswell!!! I built a little birdhouse box as well like joergs! Will post some pics in the week sometime.