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Instant Rufulini 3D design and print

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Hey , greetings from Belgrade
Here's my interpretation of Instant Rufus. I was inspired by Joergs video and loading mechanism he designed. Also inspired by Instant Legolini 3D design.
It's a pump action self loading repeating slingshot. It shoots steal balls, I made 2 versions 10mm and 8 mm. It's magazine fits about 20 steal balls.

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Hey, as far as I am concerned this is a finished working toy, so I think I am done with this design for now. I've had some suggestions on how to make it more powerful but I think I reached the limit of what plastic can endure.
If you would like to make your own PM me your email address so I can send you the link to the files.
Hello. Very beautiful design ! Perhaps you can share the STL ? I build other rifles for blowdarts with CO2, for nerf darts with pressed air or slingshot rifles for BBs. if you are interested, just ask me. Thank you.
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hello i m interesting to make it ! can you share the stl and step ? thank you [email protected]
Incredible what can be made on a 3d printer
What a nice design. Can you send me the STL or STEP files? STEP would be great for editing!
I would love for this to be my next print could you email me the files? [email protected]
Oh wow, i was just finished building several legolinis and is right in the middle of drafting a steel ball mod when i came across this. Talk about a pleasant surprise

Wasn't able to get mine to look as pretty as this though, this looks super sleek. Do you mind sharing the .stl files please? I hope I'm not too late to the party

[email protected]
Hey guys, I scrapped the legacy version of Instant Rufulini.
The updated Rufulini version 2 in now on Cults3D

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I love your design, thinking of 3d printing this for fun. could you please share the .stl files.
my email - [email protected]

Thanks Chandra
Hello Teofil,
Greetings from the Netherlands. The design of your instant rufus looks very nice. I see that you are sharing your STL files on request. I hope you can send them to me as well: [email protected]. I am looking to design a similar bow.

Nvm, I just saw you shared the files in the thread. Cheers.
Very impressive, I once designed a similar design that looks better! Please send me the files [email protected].
Wow , I think this design is really wonderful .Would you be so generous and send me STLs . I'd be more than happy to print and test it out !! Thnx
[email protected]
if possible have file is a great help for my personal project, many thaks
Email [email protected]
Hi Teofil, i'm also new here and i just found your nice design! would you also send me the .stl files please :) [email protected] thank you and have a good day.
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