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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Y-shooter, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Y-shooter

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    The topic "Oh my... I seem to be banished..." was a bit an eye opener for me.
    I learned about the attitude of people when it is not about slingshots.
    I cannot cope with this attitude of those people and I don't feel comfortable here anymore.
    I don't understand the humor of the 'hijacking brigade' either.
    Anyway, enjoy your meal. Here and at the SSF.
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  3. JoergS

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    Thanks and bye-bye!
  4. JoergS

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    Oh, I do kick the trolls out. Did so with slingshotboy several times, same goes for Wanimator. But in threads that have nothing to do with slingshots (but rather deal with social issues of the community), there is nothing wrong with a bit of comedy.

    Mind you there is a heavily censored and totally moderated forum already. I have no desire to clone that one. Even if I would go "SSF style" - Y-Shooter wants to leave that one too, I understand. Oh well.

    But to answer your question - yes, a free and uncensored forum is THAT important to me. Should it not work and all of the members disappear, so be it. So far there is no such tendency, fortunately - this forum is fast growing. :)
  5. Will

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    Sorry to see you leaving. However, if you need a good recipe in the future, simply look for a ridiculous thread and you will certainly find several :D
  6. MountainStorm

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    Thanks for taking a "foot on" approach when needed. I agree threads where people can blow off some steam are necessary. You've got something special growing here. I appreciate being able to learn and share without too much drama.
  7. Jeremy

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    As I mentioned yesterday in one of my posts, I'm glad to have this forum AND the ability to speak freely. I know a lot of what is said here can be considered "off topic," that's why there is that thread. I've also had a good laugh at some of the "thread hijacking" that can happen. I think it's human nature to tangent a little bit.
  8. Tilia

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    to bad you feel the need to go

    i have been and am a member on several fora, been mod on one, am mod now on a other and this **** is universal
    i personally think that how this forum deals with it is one of the better ways
    give people the change to get there frustration out as long as they are not to insulting

    but if you don't feel at home you must go, that's just the way it is
    maybe just do a step back and check back later when the dust settles

    any way the world is bigger than this forum, and i wish you good sailing, may the wind be in your favor
  9. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    I'm with Tilia, too bad you feel the need to go, but having been a member of numerous forums covering numerous topics, I doubt you'll ever get past the nitpicking and fighting that sometimes occurs. People are fortunate enough to have the anonymity of the internet to embolden them in some instances, which allows people more freedom to be their kind or rotten selves. And let me tell you, as someone who enjoys discussing my religious beliefs, even those forums can descend into petty arguments and slandering of your favorite deity, regardless of the religious (or lack thereof) background of those having the discussion. It's human nature on display for all to see.

    Joerg's one rule is so simple, be polite. Beyond that, he allows a pretty darn wide latitude with posts and subject matter, and that's not easy to do. Here in the US, we often debate the First Amendment to our Constitution and wonder if we shouldn't restrict speech a bit more since some folks really abuse that freedom. But then, where do we stop? We already do censor some speech, but at what point do you surrender freedom to censorship. Bad people will always be out there. Irritating people will always be out there. Belligerent people will always be out there.

    What I love about this forum over the others I've been on is that the 'hijackers' you seem to dislike use humor and redirection to try and help diffuse and otherwise heated thread topic. It's actually something I quite enjoy seeing, I find it a refreshing way for the members here to try and calm things down a bit, and to share tasty recipes, enjoyable songs and creative art all at the same time.

    Allowing other's opinions is a very difficult thing for many people to do. I struggle with it myself at times. But I would rather continue to participate rather than let a few rascals from another forum who choose to drop in and start a fight with the members here deter me from the ongoing discussions which are 95% or more of the time, very positive.

    Good luck in your future endeavors, I hope you find what you're looking for.
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  10. Ghosth

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    I'll chime in here with more of the same.

    I've been on both sides of the issue, I've been mod on a couple of forums, and on others I've been the problem child.

    You don't sell your house and move because someone walked by and threw a few stones. However if it is happening every week, or seems to, perhaps it is time to move to a better area.

    Like the others overall I've found it great here. There is not an excess of rule breaking, nor of power hungry mods stomping all over everything.

    However like any family at times you do get misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and fights. Comes with the territory as far as I can see.

    Joerg has started something really interesting here, and with this many talented cooks the soup is to die for! It isn't always true that too many cooks spoil the broth. And if you don't like what any one cook is making, grab a pot and go to work!
  11. OldSpook

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    I don't think you should leave.

    It took me a bit to understand the whole hijacking brigade but it seems a good way of moderating because it is user driven. Hence my final post in the thread was a very good recipie for a dry rub I use when smoking brisket or ribs.

    The mechanism we see here is pretty light hearted. If you want to see what brutal treatment is join one of the Usenet groups which are completely un-moderated. We used to have arguments in the Linux Security group that went on for months.

  12. dolomite

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    I'll chime in and say don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you;). Thin skin is no good, it burns too easily when the kitchen gets hot. And it's good as well because Joergs catch phrase about the lack of "cats" at the slingshot channel is a bit more true now;).
  13. Otees

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    Good Bye mate.
  14. BeMahoney

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    First: A REALLY BIG THANK YOU! to Jörg! for being a wise architekt;
    the rule of politeness demands of us what we all were raised to be:
    Decent people, trying not to harm anyone seriously..
    And it works in different scales: in the posts, the threads, and also
    in that "spirit" I feel I encounter here: kindness and friendship.

    And therefore I feel responsible for Y leaving- at least a bit, ´cause
    I called for the Hijacking brigade.. That´s why I write this post: hoping Y
    is still gonna read it an to explain my intention:
    At first I was (felt) a bit intimidated because of all that arguing- which
    is pretty unusual to me.. (I must admitt: I never visited any other forum,
    so this one here is pretty "normal" to me) and then I realized what that
    thread will lead to: NOTHING (except s.o. letting off steam, which is ok,
    I guess)
    But there is another dimension to that: it polarises and absorbs positive
    (Yes, this is subjective perception again) energy and in return gives this
    "place" a hassle that just didn´t come from this place nor belongs here

    IMHO to take that hassle to "something completely different" in terms
    of "back to what we usually do here": make friends!- is pretty noble
    and to be seen like how to treat a crying child: distract it with something
    positive, e.g. s.th. "sweet"

    Be (nice :) )

    Edit: this might be an act of freedom: acting instead of
    re-acting... (and of freeing?)
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  15. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Be, you shouldn't feel responsible for his choice to leave. In the end, I didn't get from his message that it was the hijacking as much as just the tone of the thread. If anything, the hijacking helped to start take things down a notch, just as it should. I think perhaps he misunderstood the purpose of the hijacking in the first place. Maybe he'll come back and read this and gain a better understanding. Beyond that, the hijacking was called for and has led to a much calmer tone today.

    I think we can all also remember to put on our big boy/girl pants and allow difficult discussions to happen from time to time. As D put it, we don't need to be so thin-skinned and get overly offended by some comments on a forum. Just look at the thread today. Much more mellow, much calmer. The world is at rest. This is why we like it here.
  16. richg

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    I know it shows that I've only been here less than a month, but I was lurking for at least a month before that, so I feel like an old timer. Getting mad and quitting the forum only really affects one person, and that's you. If you're into self abuse, then I give you a hearty "thumbs-up" and wish you well.

    Oh, and hopefully I'll start contributing something worthwhile here soon.
  17. WildBill

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    Well said and meant, Oldspook! And that rub looks absolutely heavenly! Thank you for your patience and for your understanding regarding our exchange; it is this exact thing that I was trying to communicate- the purpose of the hijacking brigade- though obviously I did not do it well. In honor of this, I shall create a new recipe and post it with pictures: Slingshot soft pretzels! I'll start the dough rising in a few minutes.

    -Wild Bill
  18. Flipgun

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    We'll leave a light on for you.