idea for joerg's rambone sling bow

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    in the 2013 vid (tiniest 58lb bow) joerg shows a prototype slingbow

    the frame is basically perfect, but he states the way the biscuit is held (3 screws)
    and the paracord d-loop could use improvement

    i think if you can eliminate the band/tube going through the handle
    you can use rubber around the rim, and pressure fit the biscuit

    the string could be replaced by a custom metal d-loop
    a kind of "A" shape with eyeloops at the "feet",(attatchment for bands)
    the point sized for caliper releases,
    and the center "bar" could be either metal, or cord (nock for arrow or magnet for steelshot)

    i think adding a few "tabs" of aluminum to the hole , or positionable rubber strips
    would keep the band/tube from punching through (only an issue when shooting arrows)

    thoughts/critisizims apreaciated