Idea for a slingbow

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  1. I am new to theslingshotforum but have enjoyed slingshotchannel's youtube videos for a while, I want to build the "Three Pillars of Destruction" that JoergS was kind enough to show the world how to make on youtube, though I was thinking about throwing a whisker busquit on it and making it into a scary powerful slingbow. I'm new to the whole making of the slingshots and wanted to know if there was any inherant dangers in attempting this with this design. Thank you as any advice may save me a missing eye.
  2. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    Would work great I think

  3. I thought so too. I plan on doing a few other mods as well, throwing on a brace (they are legal here), a bowfishing reel, and utilizing the clamp attachment method for quick band change. I will be getting to it in a week or so, I'm just too busy with work and such to get to it any sooner.