I want to try my hand at more detailed wood-carving...

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  1. FIAAO

    FIAAO Failureisalwaysanoption

    ...so I bought this cheap-o woodcarving set! Now, what to do with it :confused: Any ideas how I could use it? (And I mean what to carve with it, not to shoot them :D )

    P.S We need more smilies on the forum! I miss the lol-smiley!

    Edit: I dont get how to manage pics properly! How do I get certain text under the pictures instead of above them?

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  2. mojo

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    Hey, very cool tools !!! :D
    I have one like this ... but didnt find it anymore ... :mad:

    You have to do some naturals, maybe with smilies on it ;)

  3. Bert the Welder

    Bert the Welder New Member

    Youtube videos maybe? Maybe just start hacking away. FYI: I don't think they are designed to be hammered, though, just hand pushed.
  4. jt-1911

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    Nice, I have almost exactly the same, maybe test it on some of my naturals after the homework :( Maybe I will upload some pics but im not positive on that.
  5. Flipgun

    Flipgun Well-Known Member

    Stencil some tribal designs on cedar or poplar and follow the lines until you know what each tool does.
  6. Slagskimmer Mike

    Slagskimmer Mike thinks TBG smells better than roses

    +1 to everything already said.

    Also, start with designs that most of the lines flow, and are in line with the wood grain. Dramatic angles and details that cross the grain are troublesome and result in a weaker product.

    Some good vids on sharpening will be needed soon also. Don't be afraid to reshape the tools to your liking, but use plenty water grinding so they NEVER get hot and lose temper and lose the ability to stay sharp. The pros finish sharpening on a hard felt wheel with some compound, and edges come out like mirror.

    I carved wood for a living for eight years and also learned a lot from a friend (who studied at a great carving school in Brienz, Switzerland)--if you have any more detailed questions as you go I'll do my best to get you an answer.

    Dig your vids BTW
  7. FIAAO

    FIAAO Failureisalwaysanoption

    Thanks for ideas and tips everyone! Soon time to get carving :)

    Thanks Mike, I will keep that in mind. I'm sure I will have a lot more questions when I'm getting started. What work did you do when you made your living on it?

    And thanks!
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