I am looking for a slingshot to buy!

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  1. natgpower

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    Hello everyone, I am looking for a slingshot to buy; nothing to expensive now but I do want some good quality. Just reply to this and I will take a look at whatever is posted. Thanks for the help!
  2. kineticweaponry

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    Gamekeeper john has amazing quality work, and they are pretty cheap, there are also simple-shot products, and billy hays slingshots, all of theses area around $30 USD.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Mister Magpie

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  4. dolomite

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    The scout is very affordable and quite stoutly built, and as KW said bill hays' stuff is quality product.
  5. Tremoside

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    If you're looking for naturals too you can search on Saderath's works.

    For examples you can take a look here.

    There are many great artists here, if you need a more unique SS just ask for that.

    Cheers, Tremo
  6. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    There are some great suggestions there. I recently ordered a Bill Hayes model for myself. But if you're just getting started and since you weren't specific on a style or material and you want to save some money, I see no reason not to consider something from Trumark, Marksman or Daisy - with or without a wrist-brace (depending on the laws in your area). You can find decent models under $20 (USD) and, at least here, can buy them online or even in our local sporting goods stores. They're not what I would consider really stylish, and you may want to upgrade the band sets, but I've got several, one I've had for over 20 years. They're plenty accurate and powerful with a set of decent bands. Trumark has some decent bandsets to upgrade whatever you get with the model of your choice. That said, if you can pay a bit more for some of the models noted by the folks above, it would also be worth the investment. IMHO
  7. studer1972

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    Can't beat Pocket Predator. A very durable polymer slingshot with bands and ammo for $25.00. I own 3 (finally found the missing one), they stand up to fork hits like nobody's business, shoot accurately when my technique is good, and the Hayes' customer service is top notch.

    If you want something less expensive and even more forgiving, try a Trumark. Their forks are made of lightweight aluminum, have the smoothest pulling tubes I've tried (TBG flatbands are still smoother), and the forks are nicely wide and high, so fork and hand hits are no issue, nor is ammo.

    Technique seems to matter more than anything else, so get a fork, get some ammo, and start shooting. Wear a thick glove on your fork hand at first. I'd advise avoiding solid wood forks until you have eliminated fork hits. Polymer, laminate, multiplex, and metal take abuse a lot better than solid wood.

    There are plenty of choices for a slingshot under $10. Technique and proper form matter more than the physical slingshot. Make sure the bands are even and the ammo is centered in the pouch, then learn how to shoot and any decent fork will do. You can also find old Wham-O Sportsman forks on e-bay for around $10 or less.

    Braced Slingshots:
    Trumark WS-1 ($7.86) http://www.amazon.co...ds=trumark ws-1
    Trumark FS-1 ($7.99) http://www.amazon.co...ds=Trumark FS-1
    Barnett Black Widow ($9.99) http://www.barnettcr...ots/black-widow
    Marksman 3040 ($9.73) http://www.amazon.co...s=marksman 3040
    Daisy B52 ($7.97) http://www.amazon.co...words=daisy b52
    Aftermath Kavia Extreme Sport Slingshot ($9.90)
    http://www.amazon.co...sport slingshot

    Unbraced Slingshots:
    Trumark S9 ($7.76) http://www.amazon.co...umark slingshot
    Barnett Strike 9 ($7.59) http://www.amazon.co...ike 9 slingshot
    Aftermath Kavia Sport (7.89) http://www.amazon.co...sport slingshot
    Daisy F16 ($7.77) http://www.amazon.co...y F16 slingshot
    Marksman 3027 ($6.00) http://www.amazon.co...pd_sim_sbs_sg_4
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  8. dolomite

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    there's some nice dankungs as well in the same general price range, stainless is as durable as it gets.
  9. Y-shooter

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    Forgot to ask about your grip preference?
    Hammer grip or finger/thumb support?
    Select the one accordingly.
  10. Brazilviking

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    If I would buy a slingshot, my first choice would be saderath. His slingshots are very very artistic. Second choice, flippinout. If I had lots of money to spend, I would get one of those custom models!
  11. natgpower

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    Just to clearify, I have no clue about slingshots so all this is like a a different language to me! :) I like the help that was given to me; thanks for that! For what I would prefer, I really like the look of the metal slingshots as well as for grip, I have no clue the difference between them! Hopefully this helps a little?
  12. dolomite

    dolomite Banned

    if it's metal you need, i believe flippin out has em. dankung has some nice stuff.
  13. rock slinger

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    Get the scout because you can do any grip, any band, and any shooting style. The material is also tuff and a great deal. I wish I had one.
  14. Phoghat

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    For a first slingshot buy something cheap, then you will kn I w what you like and don't like about the design.
    Flippingout has some great designs that aren't very expensive, and thr are versatile to boot.
  15. If you are the USA then Barrett's pro diablo is a nice buy. I have one and it shoots really well but be sure to put flat bands on it. The bands it comes with sucks.
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    Get a dankung..... they have some very artistic models.