Hunting at night with Night Vision

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    I have recently purchased a an LED Lenser P7 torch which I think is fantastic for looking into trees with, however it often spooks pigeons. Does anyone on here use a night vision monocular when they hunt at night? If so what model do you use, and at what kind of distance can it be used? Thanks for any help.<br><br>Jim
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    Hi slimJim,<br><br>I often thought about buying a night vision aid, but in Israel it's very expensive. I think when you go outside at night you should choose a clear full moon night, and try to learn how to move at night without night vision &ndash; it's much more challenging. <img src="" alt="Cool" longdesc="6"><br>By the way, I know some places night hunting is illegal.<br><br>In Israel we don't hunt, hunting is illegal all over the country and most of the open land considers as nature preservations. I use to walk at night throw open grounds and never used ant night vision aid, just learned to know the night. I did used a night vision goggles once and it was amazing. I can't recall the brand but it was an expensive one <img src="" alt="Razz" longdesc="9"><br><br>Hoo&hellip;and I think this thread needs to be under "general desiccation".<br>

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    I do pretty regularly, though only for 'spotting' though going on the 130 year old game laws here in the UK, hunting at night is technically illegal- though you would have to go a very very long way to find someone that knows that...<br><br>my typical 'night time walk set up is this:<br><br><img src="" border="0" alt=""><br><br>it has come in handy, in more ways than one- here's a post from a UK slingshot Hunting forum I post on...<br><br><strong><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Re: off out for a late night wander, fingers crossed!</a></strong><br><br><br><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="" style="width: 11;height: 9" border="0"></a>by <strong><a href="" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">3bears</a></strong> » Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:09 pm <br><br><br><br> well the night turned out to be an all time <br>failure, I didn't even get a single shot off, and wound up freezing my <br>ass off for over two hours! gather 'round gent's I've a tale to tell....<br><br>we<br> all know about my ongoing romance with NWP. it's a bit of a mixed bag- <br>encounters can be good ( arresting scarpping bagheads in my street) or <br>can be bad (armed response units...) this was a 'very sodding near bad'<br><br>I'd headed off to a local bit of parkland where I know there to be all sorts, rats, rabbits, geese, ducks and even seagulls <img src="" border="0" alt=""> also some big ass perch in the pond - it's what's left of the old quarry and brickworks used to build the break water<br><br><a href=",-4.663364&spn=0.003929,0.009753&hnear=Holyhead+LL65+2BL,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=6" class="postlink" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">,-4.663364&spn=0.003929,0.009753&hnear=Holyhead+LL65+2BL,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=6</a><br><br>I'd<br> parked up just outside the park, where the road splits as not to spook <br>anything that might be out on the open ground (normally wabbits by the <br>brickworks...) so I'm creeping around the bend when I can hear an engine<br> tear arsing down the way, now it's a good standing 1/4 mile straight to<br> get down to the park, and at pushing 0130 my 1st thought was local <br>petrolheads in their cars, great, that will be everything heading for <br>ground, I took a shufty up the road with the NVM, and the car is lit up <br>like the Vegas strip with all the reflective batternbug, and hammering <br>it. there's no way I'm going to get out without a stop and search, and <br>guess what's in the boot? my hunting bag, complete with air rifle. <br><br>after<br> last time's drama I REALLY didn't want North Wales' finest them poking<br> around and asking all kinds of awkward questions so I elect to make <br>tracks and get my ass up through the smaller quarry and up to the ridge <br>line above the main quarry face so I can see when they leave. so I'm <br>making my way up the through the heather and hear the car stop, the <br>doors pop, and the radio chatter, guessing they are calling the reg <br>in... on I trudge keeping quiet with frequent looks over the shoulder, <br>there are torches on now in le road and voices- I guess the car is <br>getting a once over, by the time I'm at the top of the 1st ridge, and <br>making my way up to the main face I can see another damn set of <br>headlights moving fast my way- sure enough its ANOTHER damn car with a <br>pair of rozzers at the helm, they anchor up, out they get and start <br>talking to the other two, more torches... at this point I'm starting to<br> get a bit concerned lol.<br><br>from where I was I had a fair view of <br>the place and decided not to move, just sit tight and see how long this <br>takes, popped the NVM on and sat back, luckily I'd thought not to use <br>the IR illuminator just incase one of the car's camera's picked it up, <br>as it's damn bright to one of those. I got to watch the torches on while<br> this clueless quartet wander around looking for I'm guessing me- <br>luckily nobody EVER seems to look up, and not a torch was cast above <br>hedge level lol, let alone 100m up above the quarry face. after <br>shivering my ass off for nearly an hour and 45 while these jokers wander<br> around- one even went as far down the coast line and hearing the odd <br>mumble into the radio, the all upped sticks and off they go in a hurry- <br>I'm guessing something else, somewhere else took priority for which I <br>was very glad! paranoia kicking in, I could follow the headlights <br>leaving the park, and off into the town, so I was hoping the buggers <br>wouldn't be waiting for me somewhere as I left. I made my way back down <br>and back hope via the scenic route - coffee time!<br><br>not sure they <br>were there for me, as they were there within 5 mins of me parking up, <br>but the way the other car came but the heebie-jeebies on me big style- <br>was glad to get my ass out of there and home! two things saved my ass <br>last night, the old Spartan NVM, and the 'pop metal disk' hand warmers I<br> had with me for the intention of warming my bands up lol- kept me from<br> giving myself away with chattering teeth in the cold!