How to make a bandset that last long.

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    I have heard alot of you complaining about your bandsets keep breaking and you get like 200 shots out of a bandset.

    I dont like making bandsets, i like shooting so if you dont like to make a new bandset every week her is how i do it. These bandsets i make last for 700+ shots! to this i will have to say that i dont stretch the rubber to the limit but maybe 450-500%.

    I use 100mm theraband gold 50mm on each side with a tapering on 55 at the fork and 45 at the pouch.

    i dont use dubble layer i use single on each side so one pice of rubber on each side at 55-45mm.

    Here it a picture of how i attach the pouch so it last for LOOOONG! the folding makes sure that the little pice of therabang i use for wraping dont touch the rubber that streatches, because thats the point wear it always break.

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    Thanks for sharing, looks like a good attachment system.