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  1. slingshot600

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    i tried ones to hunt, but i missed everything. when aim on it,
    one time i shoot to much to the right, the other time to much to the left.
    how can i hit something like a pigeon?
  2. Brazilviking

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    Lots of practice. Maybe you should ask some hints to Saderath. He is the best I've ever seen. Arturo Is great too!
    but you should not shoot any animal......
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  3. Maulwurfsurfer

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    pls don't hunt with a slingshot! I'm totally not the one who is against hunting in general, but if u do then pls use a gun with that u can hit the animal exect where u want.
    A slingshot is just too unprecies in my opinion. And there is no need to torture the animal like this.
    it has to be a oneshoot everything else is just atrocity.
    espezialiy if u are not that accurat with ur ss... pls don't
    i don't want to attack anybody here. that is just my opinion.
    and yes i eat meat. ;) and that is what u should hunt for. Don't kill when u don't need it!
  4. Hunting in Germany with Slingshot, Crossbow, Bow, is not allowed! And i could not understand that here are Persons like Roger 59 ask at the first time of build an new Slingshot if the builder has testet on hares and rabbits!
    If there are not another targets enough to test a Slingshot!
    Animals has allways the same right to live as we!

  5. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    I have no slingshot hunting experience, but my mind tends to soak up info, so this is what i've picked up:

    important!! before hunting make sure your bands and ammo are powerfull enough to make a clean kill.

    first, you learn how to shoot accurate, you should be able to hit a target like a marble every time at the distance you are going to hunt at.

    second, you learn how to stalk game, you should be able to get close enough without the animal knowing it, start without wanting to shoot it, just get as close as you need.

    After you got that all sorted out, and you still want to do it, try again

    again, just picked this up reading and watching stuff on the internet so don't trust me 100%
  6. Wanimator

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    I don't mind killing birds with them. It's a great way to kill pests and invasive species. It just takes practice.
  7. studer1972

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    Try here:

    Look for the "Being prepared: Hunting ammo", "Why do I hunt with a Resortera/Slingshot?", "The Slingshot as a Projectile weapon", and "Slingshot Projectile Velocity Demystified" entries. The Rebel Slingshot Forum and the old Slingshot Forum have categories dedicated to slingshot hunting.

    As the above say, make sure your slingshot and ammo pair can hit hard enough for a clean kill, make sure you can hit a tennis ball at the range from which you want to hunt, and only kill for food or necessity (varmint/pest control). No matter what you hunt or how you harvest, clean kills and avoiding wanton slaughter (what the Minnesota DNR calls wasteful hunting where the harvested animal is not used for anything other than target practice) are the keystones of ethical hunting.
  8. Wanimator

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    Crows are good practice if you have anything they are eating at or really don't want them around.
  9. Arturo Borquez

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    Please don't shoot animals if you don't know how to do it, many here will dislike including me, remember hunters ethics, don't kill for fun, kill to eat, I hunt rabbits with head shoots, clean and instant death ... besides from pigeons plague, please let the birds keep singing bringing us daily happiness ...
  10. Aussie_Al

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    I respect others rights, so please respect mine; and lets agree to disagree about hunting.

    I hunt for 2 reasons, number one food on the table; number 2 varmint control of pests some may find very offensive, but in Thailand are are a real problem.

    I use very strong bands generating extremely high speed in FPS and very heavy ammo generating very high ft/lbs; so if point of impact is an inch or so off my point of aim; it is still and instant kill.
    Much more humane than the local way of dealing with pests and poisoning them.


    Aussie Allan In Thailand