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Seawater cannot be used directly due to its very high salt content. At present, two methods are mainly used to desalinate seawater, namely distillation and reverse osmosis. Distillation is mainly used in super large seawater desalination and places with abundant heat energy. The reverse osmosis membrane method is widely used and has a high desalination rate, so it is widely used.

The desalinated water quality is much better than tap water, so it can be used by industry, commerce, residents, ships and ships.

In the field of seawater desalination, pretreatment is the key to the long-term stable operation of the reverse osmosis system. The reverse osmosis system needs better pretreatment to reduce seawater turbidity and prevent the growth of microorganisms such as algae in order to produce water quality. If the influent water quality is poor, the water production rate will be very low.
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