How to Create your own Oven!

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    I have seen a good Video how you can easy create your own oven, and I thought that it maybe help some of our American friends now where the cold wave stay in America.

    You need only some tealights for 3 Hours, or a grave candle for a Full Night. A flower pot and 3 Branches.
    You lay the 3 Branches to an "Y" and the Candle in the Middle, then you put the Flowerpot over the Branches so that the aerial come from downside and flood through the Holes from the Flower pot. Then the Pot get really hot so that you have your own little oven!

    Its made for Hunters that sit on the high seat, but I think that it maybe also can heat up your Room for the Chase that your Heating fails.

    But please be carefull!!! the Pot get so Hot that you can´t hold it with your Hands! I don´t want that anyone burn down his House ;)
    The Video is in German language but there you can see how it Work and I hope that it's helpful. There are also many Clips about Hunting, Fishing and Cooking but all in German when you are Interested.

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    This is great Schultz! That is a very safe way to heat up an area! Thanks for sharing

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    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    This is good to know.

    Sometimes this kind of information can make a huge difference.

    A terracotta flowerpot used as a heat exchanger is an idea I have never seen before.

    Having a few candles burning wouldn't produce very much carbon monoxide, or use up too much oxygen in a normal (slightly drafty) house.
  5. That is awesome! Even though I don't speak German worth a darn it is still easy to follow what he is doing. Thanks for sharing that :)
  6. mvd

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    You can increase the efficency by putting more flowerpots over that, everyone of it bigger than the pot before so there is a bit of air beween the pots. Takes a bit longer to heat up but stays warmer much longer.

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    This is a very cool idea, my friend has a few he made around his house. He also made a stove from a beer can! Ill ask him later where he got the idea and see if there is a link :)

    EDIT: He couldn't remember where he saw it but quick search and here is a wiki :)
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    Thanks for sharring VWscooby! This Beverage Can Stove looks also really Nice! I think I try it, when I have some Time.
    And also a great Idea mvd! When I work next week in the Morning at Home, I will try to heat up my Workshop and test if it helps to heat up a Room.
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