How to Attach Tubes to PFS

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  1. CattyJack

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm new here and new to PFS shooting. I just wanted to ask a quick question I have and aluminium OPFS from bloodshot in the UK. It came with flats and I'm in the process of trying to put 1842 tubes on it, the frame itself has no holes for tubes and I've tried the wrap and tuck method with tbg and this does not seem to hold it. Have you guys got any suggestions because I can't think of an easy solution?

  2. Knallfrosch

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    A picture of your frame would be nice.
    But in general, wrap and tuck can work, if done properly.
    the more popular way is , to use leatherflaps, they can be wrap and tucked like flatbands and form a loop, where you can attach your tubes.
    and as an alternative to leather, you can use paracord as well.

    i attached some pictures that i gathered over the years from various slingshot builders.
    maybe that helps.
    100_3056.JPG 1447372302004-896072014.jpg 20151024_133202_zps2bjmotqq.jpg 20161109_075839.jpg 216962_2_800.jpeg gallery_133_475_1423183.jpg IMG_7502.JPG

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    Thanks Knallfrosch,

    That really does help thanks. I eventually managed to secure them using the wrap and tuck method using a lot more theraband than I had before. I took them off and put my flats back on though as I'm practicing butterfly style and I didn't trust the strength of the hold that it had and I didn't fancy being whacked in the face :). Some of the methods above look much better though so I might have to give them a try.