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The hydraulic filter element is a filter device used to filter out impurity particles in the system. The hydraulic filter element can guarantee the cleanliness of the system. The use of hydraulic filter elements is becoming more and more widespread. In this case, how to maintain the hydraulic filter element and how often do you need to replace the hydraulic filter element?

Under normal circumstances, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced after the hydraulic filter has been running for 2,000 hours, otherwise it will cause low filtration efficiency and pollute the system.
Because most hydraulic system failures are caused by pollution, it is very important to replace the hydraulic filter element in time.

For the maintenance of the hydraulic filter element, in addition to paying attention to the use time, it is also necessary to check the smell, viscosity, and color of the oil in time, and pay attention to the air humidity and oil pressure in time. If you work in a place with low temperature and high altitude, you should also pay attention to the gum substance and carbon content in the engine oil, as well as the paraffin impurities and water content in the diesel oil.

Thanks for reading, I hope it will be helpful to you.
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