homemade feeling???

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  1. EnesK

    EnesK Call me the boss

    i'm planning to make file knife
    my father sais just buy a €50 knife
    it's the same
    but i say
    "the feeling of using something that you made your self is differend"

    am i right???
  2. beaverIII73

    beaverIII73 Junior Member

    Yes your are. Try to explain it to your father that way. He should understand. If you have any questions about making knives from a file I can try to help you out. I have recently started making file knives myself it's a lot of fun and very rewarding. Well good Luke with you knife.

  3. mvd

    mvd Builds with scrap

    Yes you are right. It is like this with everything you build or make with your own hands. It is much more rewarding and, maybe a point to your father, much cheaper.
    I really enjoyed my humble attempt at file knives, they are not the best and not the sharpest but I made them by myself and that feels good.
    Like beaver said, explain it like that.
  4. WildBill

    WildBill The Silly Song Guy

    Tell him that any man who can't improvise his own tools is a pathetic, worthless worm who should just wear a skirt all day- and without a sporran. Explain to him that a man who can make things with his own hands is 87% more likely to find a wife that will worship the ground he walks on. Also, he should know that a man who knows how to build, craft and fix things will never find himself unemployed- there are precious few real men out there anymore that are willing to get their hands dirty and thus such men are a valuable commodity in society.

    -Wild Bill
  5. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    And a man has to have a beard!!. Remember kids if your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums! (If you don't know the reference, look up the beards on youtube)
  6. buckshot500

    buckshot500 Hoonigan Jeeper

    As long as you school yourself well, or get schooled by others there is no reason why you can't make any kind of tool such as a knife or even a screwdriver. I was making such things in high school metal shop at the age of 14. I made my own mini crowbar which I still own. My teacher didn't know how to go about cutting the groove in the nail puller end, so I showed him in the next 3 minutes.

    There are many videos on youtube showing how to make knives, including heat treatment to harden and temper the metal. I can probably answer some questions you might have about that.

    Realize you father is probably trying to save you from the hazards of working with dangerous sharp tools and hot fire injuries. Make no mistake, these things can seriously hurt you if you aren't careful.

    I myself had a red hot metal sliver of steel shoot off a grinder and over my safety glasses. Waited until the next day to get it taken out. Doc said since i waited he would have to polish off the rust ring from my eyeball.

    This painful procedure involved numbing drops and a small (1/2MM) ball bur. It sucked bad and I can tell you safety glasses are well worth the hassle of wearing them every time you use power tools.

    All that said, it's been a very rewarding life of metalworking so far and i wouldn't trade it for anything. Especially not a desk job.
  7. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    As a parent myself, I would rather encourage my child to at least try to make something themselves assuming it is within the skill set of the child and I can assist if needed. Sure a store-bought knife might have a slightly better finish depending on your skills, there is something far more satisfying and far more valuable in making it for yourself. I suggest you tell your father that the experience of making the knife is just as important has having the knife. Hopefully he will hear you and give you the go ahead.
  8. Ghosth

    Ghosth Over the hill but still swinging!

    Tell your father its a matter of skills. Skills can only be learned/earned, they can not be bought.

    Once you have built a knife yourself, you will always be able to build a knife.
  9. BeMahoney

    BeMahoney Builder of things

    You are perfectly right!

  10. onnod

    onnod Im from Holland, isnt that weird?

    +1 to all above, you are 100% right!!

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  11. PaulPawx3

    PaulPawx3 Member

    The world was flat, until somebody sailed around it :D. Anybody can buy a knife . Dare to be different and if you don't succeed at least you tried. Once you have at least tried, nobody can ever take that part away from you. You can even start by making a model of the knife you want to build out of clay, just to get you started and to give you a working 3D pattern to go by for your finished product. Some people want things to happen, some people watch things happen and then some people make things happen. You can make things happen . Good luck with your new knife project.
  12. EnesK

    EnesK Call me the boss

    thanks everybody
    now i will show this hole thread to my dad:D