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Homemade Board Games

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Hi there!

I've not built a slingshot in a while, but maybe you'll like the the two boardgames I've made recently.

The first one is a version of the Royal Game of Ur, originating from ancient Mesopotamia. It's one of the oldest boardgames we still know the rules of, and it's actually a fun and exciting game.

The board ist made from 11 mm ash, sanded and varnished. The lines were scored with a homemade checkering file, then filled with blue dyed epoxy. The stars were made with fine diamond tools and a dremel, and filled with brass powder and CA glue.

The pieces are cast from pewter, one type polished, the other copper coated and laquered.
The tetrahedral dice were bought and painted according to the historical pattern.

The second game is called Tak, and it actually originates from a fantasy novel, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. The game is available from Cheapass games here, but the rules are available for playtesting.

Despite the seemingly simple looks this is quite a challenging game with lots of strategy.

The board is made from flame maple veneer laminated to 9 mm birch plywood. The lines are filled with black dyed epoxy and a bit of brass powder (unfortunately virtually invisible in the pictures).

The pieces were made from beech and and oak (stained dark brown). The two special pieces were 'lathed' on a drill press, and have ornamental jacket buttons on top.


Here's how the board fits into the box:

Hope you liked it, thanks for taking a look.
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Metrograde has been making a lot of these in miniature format these days. The skills learned creating slingshots make these board games a fun task as well.
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Cool, I didn't know Metrograde is into board games now, definitely have to check those out!
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Looks magnificent. Gonna try to make the Royal Game of Ur soon. Any tips? :D
The Royal Game of Ur sounds like an interesting game to play, and I'm curious to know more about it. And your attention to detail is impressive too, with the handmade board and carefully crafted pieces.

On a side note, have you heard about the blackout bingo scam that's been going around? It's important to be aware of these types of things so we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from scams. Stay safe, and keep making those awesome board games!
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