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Yup, you heard me! I recently made a Battering ram crossbow out of a cat tree and an old piece of PVC.
I've made a couple videos for it as well, as an opening to my youtube channel where I make weapons out of scrap and junk.
I figured the Zombie related board would be the best place to post this, since you can use it for forced entry, hunting, as well as limited protection, and it's made out of crap that you can find in pretty much any area in the event of a zombie scenario. It's not extremely powerful considering the PVC I used, maybe 45-50lbs draw weight, I'm not sure :eek: Enough to pierce an old skull.

In the first video I talk about how I made it and shoot it at an old cow skull, but the homemade bolts were really shoddy and ill conceived.
Here's that: [ame][/ame]

In the second, I broke apart a dirty pallet in a terrible montage and made some acceptable bolts to fire at the skull.

I hope you enjoy them!

Here's a picture:

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