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Homemade 10shot pump action crossbow

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I like my modded Cobra crossbow pistol a lot - but I always wanted a pump action version so the hands can stay in place.

Designed my own version, but outfitted it with the Cobra prod because it is so cold right now and I want a reliable weapon.

Made a full tutorial, you can see the blueprints (raster size = 5mmx5mm) in the first picture here. You probably have to print that one out in two pieces and then tape it together - at least that is what I did.

Excellent weapon! Weighs less than half of the Cobra, with the same mag capacity.

Amazom (US) links to parts: 80 lb crossbow prod (12 US-$):
Crossbow string + caps (4.25 US-$):
Bolts (10 pcs, 12.99 US-$):


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What are the dimensions of the crossbow? I'm very interested in making this.
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