Home built Tomahawk and case aka Product of boredom

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    I have always loved edged weapons Here in Bama most I know carry serious steel Not just for cutting twine either so Iv always loved blades Iv always liked Tomahawks alot and had a mower blade I knew had steel I could heat treat from making a little blade for a gift I also had one of those multi wrenches that really ain't worth the hassle so I grabbed my D.A. and rough cut the blade and spike then used the same cutting blade and bisected the wrench down the center 2 and a half inches I heated this little hair dryer blown forge up enough to straighten the Hawk head out and wedge open the cut in the wrench once I was ready I heated the wrench again and drove the head into the slit and hammered it down the wrench wrapped and conformed to the added width I then welded it up well till I ran out of wire Iv still to Finnish the edges though they are very sharp and file the grind marks out the. Heat treat the blade and spike I already put the spike through a old motorcycle helmet I had Like butter. The case I wanted to make not long after and saw a old work boot I figured could probably make a if not awsome looking but working case though I had no latch being a pack rat I remembered I had a old electrical meter top and catch I'd held on to I started with pop rivets but they wouldn't do right so I grabbed some screws nuts and washers marked the holes and drilled attaching the meter flap to the back wich became a belt loop then the catch of the meter case to the case leather 1st. Using the nuts washers and screws I just tightened them grunt tight then cut the screw leaving just a few hairs above the nut wich I hit with a hammer to peen them tight All in all it turned out as I saw it should It's 15 inches over all length the head from Bit to spike is 7 inches The Bit is 2 inches the spike 2 by 1 inches at its widest. It's useful around camp well a bit A Tomahawk ain't for cutting wood ya know lol Now mabe a zombie apocalypse or any apocalypse it would really shine. Folks this only took the latter part of a day and is my first attempt at a Hawk I'll probably Finnish it soon. Sorry I was so long winded it's my 1st project iv ever put on a forum hope someone likes it [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    I ain't gonna lie. It's rough. But that is just cosmetics, it is pretty true. Spade spikes like that tend to wedge. I mean that anything that it penetrates will probably close around it after impact and bind it. Think of a Raptors Talons. They penetrate because of their profile and are released for the same reason. So I would recommend a slight hook on the back. A blade that thin will torque out a chip with a small twist. IMHO you have too much of a beard on your head. If you were to turn that profile over, I think that it would be more efficient. You have to remember that 'Hawks are not melee weapons, The use of them is as refined as the use of an Epee. Will they take out Z's? Damned Right! If you have the upper body strength and the skills. I look forward to see where this goes. :cool: