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Hodges catapult gun circa 1850

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I am are very curious about the performance of the Hodges catapult rifle circa 1850. If anyone has any extra information on them, please share.

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Kindest regards Konrad.
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I did some research on the Hodges catapult rifle and it's quite an interesting piece of weaponry. From what I gather, it was a hand-cranked weapon that could fire up to 300 rounds per minute! As for the Bergara BXR, I haven't personally used it myself, but it seems to be a well-regarded rifle for hunting. I've heard good things about its accuracy and reliability. Speaking of hunting, are you into hunting yourself? What kind of game do you typically go after? I've only been hunting a handful of times, but I've always enjoyed the experience. It's a great way to get in touch with nature and put some food on the table.
Information can be found in the book PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MAN-POWERED BULLETS by Richard Middleton.
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