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VW Golf Kombi 1999
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Hi, from Berlin/Germany. My name is Felix and i have 3 Hobbys. Collecting knives and other nice stuff, I love lockpicking (There is a big Community) for legal lockpicking. I will send you my youtube site. And I am into computers since about 1990. So thats what i do for work now.
Lockpicking is a great Hobby as well. You will see. ( )
most important: Never touch locks, wich not belong to you. i collect knives since a few years because i just like it. No idea, why. My age is is 51 and I am (proudly) born in west berlin. I have a beautifull 1999 VW. Golf Kombi (only 130 000 KM) and i take good care of it. So, thats all i can tell about me now. I lived about 5 Years in Belize and Miami and I spend my free time with programming and so on. I love watching Joergs Youtube Videos.
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