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    so you know I can't come to a place that has a knife forum and not show off a couple of my babies.


    More to follow.

    Top blade is a numbered stainless carving knife, LOA is 22", if I remember correctly. Bought it at a restaurant supply house in Chicago, forget the name of the knifemaker. I told the guy at the supply house I wanted to butcher hogs, and that is what he recommended.

    2nd down is my SOG Pentagon Elite II, 11 1/2" overall aka "The Monster Truck of folding knives." The 3rd knife is a SOG Pentagon Elite, the fixed blade version, double edged and 11" long. Very nasty that one.

    Bottom knife is a Protech Auto. The blade is CFM154, so hard it took me months to get the factory scoring off the edge. It's so sharp it will cut a human hair lengthwise and it's so fast it seems to just appear when you press the button. But be careful, they WILL open in carry, fingers beware.
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    These are some great blades and there is not one there that I don't want!
    Do you do much hog hunting? Their population is going crazy in this state.
    That Protech auto I haven't seen before. I wonder if they make it in a non-serrated form. I'd like to pick one of those up if so, but then again, California frowns on automatic knives (and everything else...):mad:

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    Nice Knifes ;) The 3rd knife looks really Evil ;)