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  1. Johnno13

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    Hi there guys, there isn't much to say about myself, except Australia, and like to shoot and make slingshots!

    Except, I have a problem.

    Yes, its the absolute cliche slingshot problem xD

    I currently use speargun rubber, but its a little too heavy, though possibly my bands are too short xD

    I was looking through the Thera band website, and trying to order the large role Joerg likes to show in his videos, Thera Band Gold, except I can't seem to locate the same large roll...

    Before anyone mentions the strength of these bands, don't worry, I'm a large 17 year old so it's fine xD

    Any and all help would be fab! And I'd love a pointer to where to start engaging with the community here xD

  2. Withak

    Withak aka Whitehawk!

    Welcome aboard mate! I get my Theraband on Ebay, but I don't think that's the best choice for you in Australia. There are several active Aussies on the forum that can probably give you some tips on the best place to buy some. Sounds like shipping is the biggest issue and I think a few of those guys have worked out the best way to get it at a reasonable price. We'll look forward to seeing your slingshots when you're ready to post them!

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    Welcome to SSC and good luck with that eternal “shipping to Oz" problem!
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    Welcome to the SSC Mate.
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    Welcome to the forum!
  6. dolomite

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    Welcome to the house of usher, may you fall in with the rest of us! happy slinging, 2 easy.
  7. BeMahoney

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    Hey Johnno!

    welcome to the forum!

    Feel welcome! -
    and free to share pictures of your slingshots ;)

    Greetings to the opposite side of our old steel ball!

  8. Obl1v1Aus

    Obl1v1Aus Meh!

    Hi Johnno,

    I was getting my TBG off of eBay, bloody expensive for us even before shipping. best place I've found is fishpond.com.au, they buy in from the states and get it to you at a resonable price. I think Joerg uses the 46 yard rolls and they can be between $200 to $350 depending on what the dollar is like, and what colour you order.

    oh and welcome aboard!
  9. slingashot

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    G'day Johnno,
    Another aussie on board :cool:
    Until something better comes along I get my TBG off ebay - it's quick and easy !:D
  10. Johnno13

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    Cheers for the awesome response guys, and I do feel welcomed already xD

    So I've only really got 1 slingshot at the moment, and I'm not super keen on her due to the fact that the rubber is a standard gidji rubber band, cut in half.

    The band then had extra pieces of rope (old boot lace) knotted, then pushed in knot first and secured with a makeshift wire clamp, then secured to the fork with thin cable ties in a shallow groove in the fork, which I didn't trim to avoid the sharp edges, and because I didn't really feel like I needed to :p

    The pouch is the palm area of an old glove, I'm bit of a fan of recycling boots and gloves so it's a recurring trend!

    The fork though, is what I really like. I didn't make it myself, my uncle (a woodworker) did, and its a nice fork glued and bolted to a thicker grip/shaft, with a curve away from the shooter and a natural swell that makes it really nice to grip, except I grip it with a weird hybrid of a hammer grip, pinch grip and fork-supported... Either way, it does work xD

    I really do need to get some new rubber, because I love the fork but the rubber is really strong, and takes a bit of effort to get it pulled far enough back to get a nice hard shot off.

    Enough talk though-

    And a side view-

    However, this is something I've had for a long time, and though its much too short now, it was perfect 5 or 6 years ago!


    Still works awesome, though I've got a number of longer ones that I prefer xD Traditional slings are super easy to make and use, and I'd suggest them to anyone else who couldn't find any rubber!

    Though I am off now to have a browse through fishpond, and thanks everyone for their help and welcome!
  11. Brazilviking

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    Bem vindo! enjoy the forum and share!