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Hey from Westphalia

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Hallo friends the quiet shot.:)<br>I wanted to introduce myself briefly.<br>I am from Germany, from Westphalia.<br>Some time ago I found may old "fletsche" again.<br>She works still.<br>Now I found over google this forum and a few good films on youtube.<br>The thing becomes ever more interesting&hellip;.<br>One of my other hobby is 3d-Archery, shooting recurve and longbows.<br><br>Best regards<br>Tom
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Hallo Jörg,<br>thank you. From Dortmund to Franconia? I think that was a good change?!<br>I would like to remove the south also, but I must live where my work is.:)<br><br><br>Tom
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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